SALE: Layer 2 – Mandatory Neoprene Outer Swim Nappy

Splash About Happy Nappy

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Product Description

SALE: ‘Splash About Happy Nappy’ or ‘Konfidence NeoNappy’

All made of 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene and finished with supper soft, snug fitting deep bands of fabric with a high rubber content to keep all nasties inside.

This nappy is mandatory for participation in the swim classes for all babies & children who wear a nappy during the day or have only been dry in the last 6 months – no nappy / no swim.

Please ensure the nappy fits snugly around the legs & waist – if it is saggy or baggy then it needs replacing / different size.

RRP on these nappies are £10.99 / all new

Note: Colour and pattern may vary.