Photo Shoots

At Little Turtles we offer the opportunity for your child to take part in an underwater photography session once they have done a number of submersions & show you & your teacher they are comfortable being under the water.
This is child lead & may not be after their first term – we will not push for a photo if they, the child, is not ready for it.

  • The photo sessions are held at either the South Northants or MK pool.
  • We run about 4 or 5 shoots per year.
  • The price is inclusive of a number of single shots of your baby plus a joint or family portrait at the end.
  • Some people like to use props such as fairy outfits, pirate costumes & nemo swim suits – you are welcome to try out any ideas as long as they are safe.
  • We charge £15 per child
  • This price is per child so if siblings are taking part you would pay for them individually.
  • Once the photographs are ready you will be invited to view them – usually at the Novotel Hotel in Milton Keynes.
  • You do not need to pick an individual photograph with Little Turtles – if you like them you purchase all of the pictures we have of your child for 1 price of £35.
  • The pictures are downloaded to a USB so you have the ability to reproduce them (personal use only – not commercial) in any format you wish – canvas, acrylic, mouse mats…whatever you like…the pictures are yours after all.

More information will be given out once you have enrolled & are ready to take part.