We absolutely love swimming at the Little Turtle Swim Company, and we also love to have lots of fun.

By helping you and your child share enjoyment and excitement in the pool, we build their confidence and create a solid foundation for their development in the water. This makes the process of learning to swim light-hearted and effective, so progression to independent swimming can emerge in a natural and relaxed environment.

Our focus is on the 4 elements of swimming – floatation, rotation, propulsion & immersion, which isn’t all about going ‘under’, we work on the sensations of water over the body using waterfalls, bubbles, rolling in etc.

We give the babies and children space to explore their body in the water – how it moves, feels & responds to the sensations of weightlessness & being back in a fluid environment that they have been used to while in utero.
Time is given for the parent & child couples to become comfortable with different moves, holds & exercises as the movements in the water should be akin to dancing, where the partnership is in harmony & the child is the leader.

Our lessons are tailor-made to your child and the group they swim with – these bespoke lessons make Little Turtle sessions special & unique… just like your child.

At Little Turtle we want your child to discover the freedom that water gives to the body. This includes children with special or additional needs & those who need that little bit of extra attention.

We are an STA Swim Star Swim School & follow the International Learn to Swim programme that starts from your first visit all the way through to swimming in Pj’s & doing distance awards.

We look forward to welcoming you and your little one at a Little Turtle swim session xx

The Teeny Weeny Baby Turtle classes start from 6 weeks.
Children may start at any age though up to 4.5years.

Full details can be reviewed on the ‘Classes & Prices’ page.    


MILTON KEYNES, Buckinghamshire
TOWCESTER, South Northamptonshire
KEMPSTON, Bedfordshire
CRANFIELD, Bedfordshire